"As the mother of triplets there are many memorable moments, lots of picture albums floating around and too many great shots trapped inside my digital camera. I count two portraits by Marilee Poirier as among the greatest gifts ever given to me and proudly showcase them in my home as wonderful reminders and extraordinary tributes to special moments in time with my kids. They stand out amongst framed professional pictures because her artistic pencil strokes evoke the genuine emotion of that experience much better than flat photography. Her unique style adds dimension... one look and you can sense the movement and feel the energy of the moment.  It's just amazing."
Vickie F.


"Marilee's amazing talent brought to life a photograph of my husband and two sons.  Her work is stunning and she is really able to capture a true likeness of the subjects in her pieces.  I found it very easy to work with her and she was able to combine two similar pictures to give us the best result for all three subjects.  I highly recommend commissioning Marilee for a piece of art that you will treasure forever."
Kim K.


"My wife and I struggled to find the perfect gift for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. When we saw some of Marilee’s fine art commissions we knew we had found the gift of a lifetime. With her extraordinary talent, she was able to capture their memorable day from an old photograph and needless to say the quality and accuracy of her work stunned and amazed us all. Thank you so much, Marilee, for adding such a special touch to our celebration." 
Joe G.


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